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Mermaid's Treasures Lookbook

Mermaid’s Treasures is what started it all. Not only does it include Washed Ashore’s most coveted pieces, but it also embodies my earliest designs.

As a little girl, I spent all my time by the water, exploring and collecting things I found on the beach. One day, an oyster shell with its pearl still attached to it washed ashore to me with the waves, that was the moment that I fell in love with pearls. I started to call it “mermaid’s treasure” and knew that I would want to work very closely to it. Washed Ashore’s main inspiration is of course the ocean and all its beauty and mystery. I feel that pearls are literally from the ocean, and directly signifies what the ocean means to me in a material object. By making jewelry with them, my customers are able to take a little bit of the ocean with them wherever they go.

Furthermore, the pearls that I use are imperfect, conveying the uniqueness of each one and that beauty does not always mean perfection. The pearl’s fragility also serves as a reminder that like in nature, nothing lasts forever, but beauty can be cherished during its lifetime. Our motto is “treasures from the deep, washed ashore to you”. I hope to see you all #getwashedashore.  

Model: Claudia Graziano
Photographer: Lauren Alexandra